Equipment For Sale.
Welcome to this page, where items for sale are listed along with photos. There are no price tags on the individual items. Feel free to make an offer, and we will take it from there. In some cases there will be several units of the same kind. Just ask if any questions pop up.
AD 8000 Apogee
8 channel Analogue to Digital converter - super sounding!
Disa mic pre amp 91B21
Valve mic pre amp from the sixties, originally made for the Danish National Radio.
The sound is very neutral, and adds "life" to the signal being processed. Several units for sale.
Lyrec Recording amplifier
This unit was the electronic part of the lyrec tape (mono) recorder form the sixties.
The circuit is build on valves, and the unit holds many spare parts, such as trafoes, etc. Several units for sale.
UFC-24 Universal Format Converter
24 channel read all formats - output all formats. Very practical when doing digital transfers.
SSD Digidesign Smpte Slave Driver
Synchronizer for Pro Tools mix systems.
DR Euro vision Broadcast Unit
Custom build device for the Danish National Radio, to run Euro vision Broadcast programs. From the Sixties.
Contains many spare parts and circuit cards.
Sennheiser VK-155, Valve Pre Amp
Valve pre amp with eq.
Echolette E-51, Tape delay
Tape delay. Needs repair.
2 Lowther PM6 Speakers
8" Super full tone speakers, manufactured in the Sixties. Needs circuit replacement.
AKG K-48 Headset with Mic.
AKG K-48 Headset with Mic.
Mape Power amp
100 Watt output amp (mono). May need repair.
EMU 6400 Sampler
Digital sampler with 128 MB ram and HD. 8 individual outputs, 2 inputs. Digital in/out as well - super sounding!
Joe Meek Enhancer VC4
Joe Meek Enhancer VC4 - eq.
EX1 Compressor/Expander
2 channel Compressor/Expander. May need maintenance.
MCI 24 Track Analogue Tape Recorder
MCI 24 Track Analogue Tape Recorder with remote control. One of two for sale. If interested, all units necessary for synchronizing two machines, are also available for sale. (original MCI synchronizers)These machines are some of the best recorders for music production, with ultra fast dropping.
Lyrec 8 Track Analogue Tape Recorder
8 track analogue multitracker - super sounding! Need maintenance.
MCI 2 Track Analogue Tape Recorder
MCI 2 Track Analogue Tape Recorder. Need maintenance.
Otari Radar
24 channel Digital stand alone_recorder - super sounding!
Memory Moog
6 voices Analogue moog synthesizer - super sounding! Need maintenance.
H910 Eventide, Digital Harmonizer
Eventide Harmonizer, the very first of it`s kind! Essential for the old Queen-productions, etc.
Lexicon Digital Delay
3 channel Digital delay lines, build primary for live pa to compensate for the speed of sound. The rack has got 5 slots. 3 racks available.
Lexicon Pcm 60 - 19" Rack size
Digital Reverb - super sounding!
Lyrec Valve mixer
6 channel Analogue valve mixer with eq, build for the Danish National Radio - super sounding! Origin early fifties
Marshall Time modulator
Analogue time delay - Great device.
NTP rack for 10 units
Ntp rack for the radio standard. Fit`s all Ntp, Neumann modules, etc.
Ntp 182-100 Eq module
Analogue eq module. several available.
Neumann PV-76
Mic Pre Amp (Like Neve modules)- super sounding!
Neumann_PEV-c, Equalizer
Eq. - super sounding!
Neumann_TEV-a, Equalizer
Eq. - super sounding!
Neumann_Pv_15 - 19" Racksize
Line amps, 9 pcs in rackmount.
Neumann amp.
Neumann amp.
Stereo fader.
Urei_539_graphic_eq. - 19" Racksize
27 band graphic equalizer.
Analogue mixing board, need maintenance.
Twister midi controlled vca - 19" Racksize
16 channels of Midi controlled vca`s, allows you to insert in analogue mixer with no automation. Gives you automated mixing!
Mackie Ultrapilot
32 channels of Midi controlled vca`s, allows you to insert in analogue mixer with no automation. Gives you automated mixing! Vca`s are located in 19" Rack box (not shown on photo)
Yamaha o2r mixing board
Digital mixer, including full meter bridge.
Yamaha CD8-AE-S, expansion card
Small sized expansion card for yamaha o2r mixer. Gives you 8 in/out digital channels (AES-EBU)
Yamaha CD8-AE-AE, expansion card
Expansion card for yamaha o2r mixer. Gives you 8 in/out digital channels (AES-EBU)
TC Unity expansion card
TC Unity small sized expansion card for yamaha o2r mixer. Gives you 8 in/out digital channels (AES-EBU) as well as a double tc effect rack, with reverbs, dynamics, etc. - super sounding!
TC Analogue inputcard ADA1 M5000
A/D - D/A input/output card for TC M5000
Yamaha CBX-D5
Digital recording interface. 2 in/ 4 out.
Walkman professional D6C casstte recorder
Analogue casette tape recorder - super sounding!
Bass Master Hudges & Kettner
Valve driven pre amp.
BEYER headset
Classic headset. Mic can be removed if wanted.
Edison Behringer
Space tool - make wide stereo.
Farfisa compact duo organ
Electronic organ. The sound of "The Doors".
Korean stratocaster
Well functioning Strat-copy.
Guitars Pedals
Vox Wah, Fuzz face orig. from the sixties, auto wah, tc phaser from the seventies.
Dual Gate Audio analytics
Dual analogue gates.
Exabyte tapedrive
Exabyte tapedrive. For backup system. (Many data-tapes as well).
Mac 9600 Power Pc
The "Diesel Truck" of yesterdays computers. With 6 slots, scsi,etc. Has a G3 processor (Max power).
Mac keyboard brand new
Mac keyboard brand new
Ultra wide scsi drives
Ultra wide scsi drives, 34 Gb - 18 GB - 9 GB versions, including cable.
Iomege jazz drive
1 GB removable harddisk drive.
Iomege jazz drive Cartridges
about 40 cartridges for sale.
Radeon 9200SE
Graphic card, never used!
Kawai MM-16 midicontroller
Midi controller for all midi functions
Midi Mixer 7s
midi controlled mixer
NTP Compressor 179-100
NTP Compressor 179-100 - super sounding! Newly adjusted.
NTP 182-100
NTP 182-100 coloured version - super sounding!
NTP amp 14152
NTP amp 14152.
NTP Can Amp
NTP Can Amp
NTP_Headset amp 3-9615
NTP_Headset amp 3-9615
NTP Meter 177-210
NTP Meter 177-210, very nice to show "energy" in your mix, Big display (3 cassette units).
NTP Phase meter Type 4-13457
NTP Phase meter Type 4-13457, Big display (3 cassette units).
Classic RTW meter
Classic RTW meter
NTP Pre amp 3-5099
Pre amp Ntp-3-5099
TAB V74, valve driven line amp.
Bosch "Fernsehen" line rack
Lots of linechannels, many spare parts, trafoes, etc. 19" Racksize
Bosch Power supply
19" Racksize Bosch Power supply, Bosch Fernsehen rack.
Haller relais from the Bosch Fernsehen rack.
Vu meters.
Neumann Bv-852 input trafoes
Neumann Bv-852 input trafoes.
Neumann Bv-223 output trafoes
Neumann Bv-223 output trafoes.
Original JS trafoes for power supply.
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