Sorry about this - however it does not mean, that "the steam is out of the engine"at Jailhouse.
On the contrary, lots of jobs has been carried out. Mostly Mixing & mastering.
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The music business is more or less in permanent recession, so budgets are cut down, and
in the end most artists will have to find different ways to record their music.
This is fair enough, because the world needs the music, and the artists need to perform it!

Technology makes it possible for many bands to create a platform for their own music.
Starting off with recording albums on their own. Most musicians these days can handle a pc
with a harddisc recording program. When the album is made, it's easy to place it on "myspace", "youtube" and all the other platforms available. This is a really good aspect of modern music, otherwise it may have been possible, for music to fade out for good.

The present situation is basically the reason why liverecording sessions have been cut back in the traditional studios. However the mix sessions do carry on, because this issue is not learned overnight by any technically skilled musician. The mixing requires a lot more than a pc with a HD recording program. Experience is the keyword. A great mix really pulls a lot of teeth out of you. But it's worth it. If the production lacks in sound quality, it's never going to happen.

It is my intention in the future, to bring out small videoclips about how to get the best results from your audio recordings. It is meant as a guideline for you, when doing your own recordings.

I hope this information can turn out useful - I wish you all a lot of fun with your musicproduction. Recording rocks!

Yours sincerely
Tommy Hansen


After several years being served by Pro Tools Mix +, we have finally switched to Pro Tools HD 3 Accel. At the same time the G4 was replaced by a G5 Mac.
We were expecting a system with consideral more power and headroom, in terms of numbers of plug-ins available, and with much faster calculation times. The surprise was really big when listening to the system for the first time switchced on. It sounded so much better than the old system. Honestly I have been doing many great sounding productions over time, but this is really breaking the boundaries!
The bass sounds so much richer and natural, and the overall headroom is huge in comparison to the old system. Even if you`re going "loud", this feels like being able to go on to "ridiculously loud" - if wanting to! Halleluja - what a great step for breaking the soundbarrier -
I love it!
Tommy Hansen, manager and director.
Again, I had the plessure of mixing Russian Heavy Metal, with lyrics in Russian. The Band, "Materia Prima" was formed in 2002. At first the band consists of three musicians who played in different Moscow bands. The idea was to play heavy metal, to drink some beer. They did not have a plan to record an album. But day by day they start to collect their songs and they decided to work on the album. They also had some line-up problems and in the middle of 2006 they started their rehearsals and in may 2007 they went in the studio. All the songs were ready in december 2007. The title of the album "Смотри в себя" ("Look inside yourself")

The German Metalband STORMWARRIOR, came to Jailhouse for the mastering of their album to come: "Heading Northe".
Metal with speed and power!

The Great viking from Norway, former singer of Masterplan, Jorn Lande, is back at Jailhouse to finish his next studio album. Again he maintains a very high level of quality, energy and stunning performances.
The picture shows from left, Jorn Lande himself, Tommy Hansen and the drummer of the band, Willy Bendiksen.

From Spain these youngsters came to Jailhouse, to record their forth album. Metal with good energy and melody, is the style. Alabarda sings in spanish, which opens up to a big area of spanisk talking countries.
It shall be interesting to follow. The boys have good songs, played with a straight forward energy.

Emily and the Orgasm Addicts, recorded their debut album at Jailhouse. Morten Voigt was producing and guiding these young and talented musicians from Aarhus, DK. They play very ruff and dirty, with a strong focus on the straight forward melody. Very refreshing and entertaining. In short time the band has created an interesting vibe around them, and the shows they do are piling up.

Again from the city of Aarhus, Expendables. These guys rock. A very nice mix of old school versus modern metal style, is the foundation of their music. Energetic vocals - banging guitars and rocking drum and bass. The line up is:
Niels Hyttel Guitar, Bjørn Badass Guitar, Morten Schriver Bass Guitar, Bjørn Poulsen Lead Vocals,Simon Bröchner Drums.

Bruno Agra came all the way from Brazil, to mix the forth-coming album of Aquaria. Bruno, who is the drummer of the band, produced the album. Tommy Hansen set the sound, and Bruno did all his ups and downs of levels, etc.
"SHAMBALA" is the title of the album, which is loaded with powermetal songs, in the line of bands like early Helloween. Very melodic stuff with great power and speed.
These talented guys from Norway, plays melodic Prog-metal.
Like the debut, " Chapter", they play with extreme energy, blowing you away - leaving you electrified.
The musical span is huge, from massive arrangements, to easy songs played with great conviction.
The album title is "Isolate". Watch out for this one, it's really good.
The Russian Band Kipelov are remixing their latest album at Jailhouse with Tommy Hansen.
The members started on the heavy scene in the mid eighties. They have worked their way to range as one of the leading metal acts in Russia today - on the level of bands like Metallica in the western world. Singing in Russian on their heavy songs, sound really cool.

The Danish metal band, "HEYWIRE", are recording a full length album at Jailhouse. The guys normally plays very melodic metal,with strong references to the eighties. This time however, they have extended their musical space with darker elements, yet still keeping the focus on the strong melody.
on the photo you see the band with some friends, and yes it is Ronnie James Dio right in the center of the photo. The band did some warm up gigs with Dio on his Danish tour.

Jorn (Lande) is back at Jailhouse for mixing a live-DVD. The concert, that was recorded i Atlanta, US, will also be released as a audio-cd.
Again one can only get amazed about this guys ability as a Hard rock singer.
Together with his Norwegian line up, these guys rock!

The title of the next Hatesphere album to come is"Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes". Drums were recorded. Keys were
made by Tommy Hansen, Jailhouse Studios.

Again the guys just bang away
- Super High Energy.

Rachelle Ramm -"rock bitch" - screaming her lounges out. Rachelle lives in Denmark, but was born in San Francisco. Together with Hank Sherman, Rachelle writes the tunes, which are drawing from various influences, such as "Grunge", "Metal" & "Techno".
At Jailhouse the final vocals were recorded, and the mix was done as well.

From The Faeroe Islands, these 5 youngsters came to the Jailhouse Studio to record their debut Album, PANDEMONIUM. Sic play thrash-metal with "intelligence".
The line up is:

Mikkjal G. Hansen : Vocals
Eddie Jacobsen : Guitar
Frans Galán : Guitar & Vocals
Gudmar Hansen : Bass
Magnus Hansen : Drums & Vocals

One Italian Band left the Jailhouse studio, only to make way for the next Italian band to enter the studio. Skylark is a well establish act in the metal scene.
Several releases were done in the past, and an other one with strong melodies and heavy power metal backing, is making way.
The combination of masculine power metal and female lead vocal as primary vocal, seems difficult at first sight. But in this case it works wonderful. Once again - Bravo Italy!
Raintime from Italy came to Denmark, and finished of the wonderful summer 2006, and covered the sun with Rain. These Italian youngsters have powerful skills. Mixing The beautiful high pitched voice of Claudio with heavy growling from the very same mouth, they bang away in melodic speed mode.
High energy is the keyword. Recording and mix was done at Jailhouse studios. Watch this one, could go high! Bravo Italy
Dirty Metal is the pure sound of these rockers from
Christian Laursen -Guitar
Thomas Kjærsgaard -Guitar Thomas Andersen -Bass
Julian Busk -Drums
IQ -Vocals & Screams

The Danish Power Metal Band has finished their next full length album to come.
This band is painting with dark colors, and growly vocals. A band performing absolutely Cool and with a professional approach.

Erik Ravn & Patrik Johansson working out the final leadvocals. Wuthering Heights are doing "Epic-Metal". The title of the Album to come, is "The Shadow cabinet".
The Mastermind, Erik Ravn has surpassed himself on this album, by writing some of his strongest Heavy Metal tunes ever. Patrik is performing the leadvocals in a league of his own. Simply Superior!

The Line up is:

Erik Ravn - guitar
Martin Arendal - guitar
Nils Patrik Johansson - vokal
Teddy Möller - bas
Morten Gade Sørensen - trommer
Andreas Lindahl - keyboard

Once again Manticora (DK) visited Tommy Hansen,
and the Jailhouse to do a full album production.
The "Black Circus" is a double album, released in
two Halfs, Part One & Part Two. Again the band is
banging away in ultra fast tempomode.
Yet they also show more calm sides in the Ballad
about the Freaks in the "Freakshow". This Band is
really growing with time.
These Five guys from Stockholm, Swe-
den are all very fine musicians. They play Prog-metal, with very melodic hook
lines. Tommy Hansen did the mix of their forthcoming album, together with the band, at the Jailhouse.
White Willow has quietly risen to become one of the main exponents of contemporary progressive music. They were an important part of the influential 90's Scandinavian progressive revival,
but have outlived most of their peers by constantly pushing their own envelope looking for fresh perspectives on their particular vision.
The band has in short time been recognized as one of the newly born stars within the realm of melodic/progressive metal. New in the line up is vocalist Apollo Papathanasio who has added some extra raw power and beauty to the music. The music is once again built on the strong melodies that have become a trademark for the band.
Together with the bands preferred sound wizard Tommy Hansen they have now made a solid new album that surely will be one of the memorable 2006 releases. Keep your eyes and ears open because you don’t want to miss this one!
"For The Love Of Art And The Making" - is the title of the new album from BEYOND TWILIGHT. This time Finn Zierler has sur-passed himself, and has written a complete Symphony.
Out of one thread, he spins an almost 40 min long tale of pure metal with classic elements.
The new singer Bjørn Jansson, is blending in excellent with Michael Eriksen and Truls Haugen. Anders, Anders, Jacob, Thomas, Finn and Bjørn
Alex & Domenic from Wastefall went all the way from sunny Greece to cold Denmark, to do the mixing of their next album. Controlled by Tommy Hansen, the Prog-metal music started flowing out off the speakers. Wastefall pushes the boundaries of prog-metal, and manage to get away with it in their own unique way. Truely original with Greek influences all over the place.
Alex, Tommy and visitor Finn Zierler (Beyond Twilight), Domenic.
The American Singer/Songwriter Dacia Bridges has joined forces with the German Band,Dacia & the weapons of mass destruction.
In the style of bands like Limp Bizkit, Die Ärzte, Kittie, A, Stone Sour, Disturbed, Dacia and Alex is making powerful rock`n`roll.
Alex Scholpp, Guitar (Farmer Boys, Tieflader, Col. Curtz, Song-writer/Producer)
Alex Menichini, Drums (Stereopilot, Schlagzeuglehrer)
Ralf Botzenhart, Bass (ex-Farmer Boys, Studiomusiker, Multimedia- & Soundtrack-Producer)
Alex scholpp & Dacia Bridges
In the beginning of 2005, after completion of the second Section A album and his third all instrumental release, the Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen, began writing some new material.The style came to be very melodic hard rock with a hard hitting edge.
Torben’s first task was to find a singer who would fit the bill and the choice was quite easy to make indeed. Mats Levén, who has worked with At Vance, Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen and many others, was picked for the job and his performance on this debut album is amazing to say the least!
Daniel Flores of XsavioR and Mind’s Eye joined the project soon after Mats, and did a great job keeping a steady and hard rocking groove throughout.
T.H. & Torben Enevoldsen
Beautiful Sin are featuring Uli Kusch (drums - former Helloween - now Masterplan), and the powerful voice of yet unknown Magali Luyten from Belgium.
Together with Jørn Viggo Lofstad (guitar) and Steinar Krokmo
(bass) from Pagans Mind, Axel Mackenrott from Masterplan on
Keyboards, Uli recorded Beautiful Sin`s debut album.
Melodic, powerful Metal mixed by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse studios to be released in spring 2006.
For more details check out: (online in January)
For about one week these Heavy Guys from Rome, Italy, guested the north, in order to get their forth- coming album mixed by Tommy Hansen.
The music is Heavy Metal in the traditional style, like i.e. Helloween used to be.
Melodic with a strong drive and a good speed!
It was a lot of fun working with the Prowlers!

Jesper and Karina hardworking at the studio....Steen was not present at the time when the foto was shot. The music of Oziris is written by Jesper, who also is the singer/guitarist of the band.
With elements of goth, film- and chamber music, Oziris plays a distinctive kind of retro-rock.

Fore more than 25 years, Vestlandsfanden have been touring mostly in Norway. This popular band is leaded by Reidar Brendeland. Reidar is writing the music, that is "pop" with a touch of "folk".
Tommy Hansen, Reidar Brendeland & Sid Ringsby

Jorn Lande, (Norway) is mixing his forthcoming solo-album (The Duke), with Jørn V. Lofstad & Tommy Hansen. The album is due for release early 2006. Jorn is the singer of "Masterplan" and former singer of "Ark" and "Beyond Twilight".
On his solo-album he really shows his blues influences with the stunning vocalperforman-
ces carried out. Most of the songmaterial is written together with Jørn Viggo Lofstad.

Jorn Lande & Tommy Hansen
Jørn Viggo Lofstad & Jorn Lande
Tommy Hansen has started on the mix of the album to come with TNT.
Like with "My Religion", data comes in from all parts of the world, and gets mixed at the Jailhouse.
Tony Harnell just keeps surprising with the power in his vocal.
New bass player, Sid Ringsby has joined the band.
The mix is expected finished during the summer of 2005
Erik, Patrik, Gustav and Wachen remain the core of PLATITUDE. Marcus has been replaced by Andreas behind the drums. Daniel has left the band.
For the theird time the band have recorded an album together with Tommy Hansen at the Jailhouse.
The band is constantly developing their skills and playing style. This time even more prog-oriented, but still with a big "AOR"-touch.
Wonderful musicians, great singers. The band come from Sweden.
Martin Steene has gathered a brand new team for the next "Ironfire" album to come. On guitar it`s Mads Andersen, behind the drums Jens B. and finally on the bass it`s Martin Lund.
The playing style is still Heavy Metal.
In January we recorded a new demo, this time in the professional Jailhouse Studio in Horsens. The homelike, relaxing and very comfortable atmosphere here also benefitted our creativity. The owner, Tommy Hansen, made a lot of experiments with the sound, and the recording session was, indeed, an eye-opener to new areas of ”the land of sound”. Tommy added to our music a touch of distortion and coolness that uplifted the songs. Simon started experimenting with the lyrics, mixing phrases in English and Danish.

Den Danske Mafia is the name of the Danish Boogie-trio from
Fyn. Henrik and Svenne (on the photo) used to be playing in Merzy for more than a decade. Finally the guys joined an other Henrik, and came up with the idea of presenting Legendary John Mogensen songs, in a heavy "Boogie" arrangement. The result is stunning. Everywhere they perform, people are simply loving it. These guys rock!

The well established Danish Rock`n`roll band D.A.D., are preparing their next
album. The Band is making a big step towards real rock`n`roll, kicking ass,
making a lot of noise. These talented guys really knows what they are aiming
at, without compromising along the way. Very demanding but also very inter-resting to participate in the making of this album. Release is due to may 2005.
Finally - a masterpiece has taken shape!
"Section X" is a reality.
The new singer from Texas, Kelly Sundown Carpenter, has found his place in the band.
Taking over from former singer Jorn Lande (Masterplan) is not an easy task, but Kelly managed to do so.
Also new guitarist Jacob Hansen has joined
the band, and added more ruff edges to the delicate, sophisticated music of Beyond Twilight.
Barcode recorded The Drums/ Bass at Jailhouse Studios.
"Hardcore" is the playing style of this heavy, aggressive Band from
Aarhus, Denmark.
Jacob, Michael & Rune at work.

They did it again! Maintaining a playing style, that is clear -
crystal clear "wave-spanking" hard Metal.
6 days of hard work, and the result was there. Hatesphere recently changed to SPV from Scarlett.

Power Metal Band "Evil Masquerade" from Denmark, recorded the drums and mixed their forthcoming album at Jailhouse Studios.
Tommy Hansen turned the knobs to make the powerfull sound for the album "Theatrical Madness".
Henrik Flyman, who writes the tunes, has got his own unique "tone" that colours the songs. The music has got a span from speedMetal
to more Epic songs.

Henrik & Kasper Dennis

During November 2004 Tommy Hansen did the mix of Circus Maximus.
The Band`s playing style is Prog/Melodic Heavy.These young guys from Norway are showing great musical skills and great potential for the future to come.
Their voices shine brightly through the frozen polar nights, and expresses the warmness of the sunny seasons to.
Very musical - very melodic - and very very powerfull indeed!

Original Mercyful Fate members, Hank Shermann (guitar), Bjarne T. Holm (drums),
Hal Patino (Bass), Michael Denner (Guitar) along with Martin Steene (vocal) is the
foundation of "FORCE OF EVIL". They are continueing the "Metal style" in a updated
2004 version. The guitarriff`s are going deeper than ever, and the rythm is poun-ding in slow tempi combined with up-tempo driving energi-riffs!
Some of the guys were establishing the early version of "MERCYFUL FATE", nearly
two decades ago. Young blood has been added with the vocalist Martin Steene, who
has allready been around the Metalscene. He started off as a singer in "IRONFIRE".
I think we can expect a Metalalbum at it`s best!
Bjarne, Hank, Hal and Martin

Finn Zierler, who is the founder of "Beyond Twilight", has composed the music for the forthcoming album.
As usual he is "painting" music with a very melancholic brush, that exposes feelings, and scary scenarios from deep within.
If you take all the horror movies ever made, and combine them into one, this forthcoming album will be the perfect soundtrack!
We are all awaiting in excitement, what and who will be the follow up on the vocal-side.

the "Master Mind" at work.

"VISUAL SURVEILLANCE OF EXTREMITIES", is the title of the newly mixed album from LIESEGANG-WHITE.
The two "Gentlemen of Rock`n`roll" have joined forces, and come up with a very intense, musical album. They are showing off brilliant musical skills of great guitaring and stunded vocal performances.
This record is a direct link to classic Rock`n`roll, touching the roots of "Deep Purple". Still they have managed to deliver the music in a updated version, with a couple of tracks leading more modern ways.

Doogie White
Bily Liesegang

Furious Rock`n`roll, true to their roots of origins!
"Fast Gallows" are preparing for an
EP-release, showing off their music in a very professional way.
The "keyword" is high energi, which they succeed in full!

The Play-offs are releasing an EP with their own songmaterial.
The Poetical lyrics are in danish, holding a kind of "Naive" under-tone, which gives a great contrast to their very aggressive, but still melodic music-style!

The French Prog-Metal Band, S.U.E.`s Debut-album, was mixed during the summer 2004.
The talented guys , are drawing upon a musical well, that provides influences from ancient bands, as well as modern Metal-Icons.

FATE has just recorded a Brand new song, for an MTM compilation cd. Tommy Hansen did the producing & mixing of the new track "Everything about You".
MTM will be re-releasing some of Fate`s former albums. Tommy Hansen recently did the mix of some old demo-songs from early 90` tape recordings. These mixes will be used as bonustracks along with the re-releases.
Bjarne T. Holm is no longer behind the drums. Instead a young talented drummer, Rasmus Duedahl has taken his place.

Soren, Per and Peter
Solo artist "Martie Peters" has just recently signed a worldwide deal with MTM, Germany.
Martie Peters is writing very melodic Heavy Metal tunes. He did all the recordings by himself, and Tommy Hansen did the mix of this forthcoming album (jan/feb 2005).
GRAND ILLUSION from Sweden, recently finished the mix of their 6th album.
The Swedes are playing very melodic metal. Anders & Tommy did the mix together in a very nice atmosphere, and the result is outstanding!
Great vocals and interesting musical arrangements along with beautifull Guitar-soli.

Tommy, Ole and Peter checking the mix. Anders and Tommy sorting details
"8 Deadly Sins", is the new Al-bum from Manticora.
The Album was finished medio april 2004.
Finn Zierler (Beyond Twilight) was helping out with the key-boards.
The album really kicks ass, with lots a speedmetal tracks on it!

Kenn Hammer visited Manticora in the studio
Manticora with Tommy
Maybe the strongest and most heavy album ever recorded by Hatesphere!
During february Tommy Hansen recorded Hatesphere`s forthcoming album. After three weeks of listening to horrifying guitar licks banging out of the speakers, the result was there! Devastating!
Jacob & Peter


Tommy Hansen did the recordings and mixing of the new Wuthering Heights album,” Far from the Madding Crowd", spring/summer 2003.
The new singer Patrik Johansson has lifted the music of Erik Ravn up to new heights; up where it belongs. Undoubtedly a very exciting music experience, for those who love Epic metal!
During the last 6 month of 2003, Tommy Hansen has been mixing the New TNT album, “My Religion”. The Heavy-weight Norwegian "Metal Gurus" of the Eighties, are planning on a massive comeback, and it looks, feels and sounds like it’s going to happen! It was a nice experience working for TNT, even though they’ve never been in the Jailhouse Studios. Cd-roms were flown in from Norway and USA and mixes were uploaded to the Jailhouse server. Comments came back from all parts of the world, to make this session outstanding. Very interesting new dimensions of the internet that gives new ideas of how to work together at great distances.

Year 2004 started with a vocal-session with the Danish Rock band "SPARKPLUG". The basic tracks were recorded autumn/winter 2003. The vocals came out very nice. Vocalist, Frederik Hansen, did some breathtaking examples of performing rock`n`roll at its very best, with depth, feeling and true R’n’R attitude. The release of "Sparkplug’s” second album is set to summer/autumn 2004.


In the beginning of 2004, Tommy Hansen began the mixing of Norwegian super heavy Prog-band "Pagan’s Mind". The band has decided to re-release their first album, and they wanted to give the sound a bit of a lift! The result speaks for it self! Very strong melodic metal, performed with high Energy. The track "A new Beginning" turned out to be a true gem of a Masterpiece.


Towards the end of January, it was time to finish the debut Album of Danish "RAMJET". The recordings had started in autumn 2003, and the last pieces was fit it in January.
Tommy Hansen did the final mix session, and it has become a true Ska-punk record, with the right sound and the right attitude.
"RAMJET" is a mixture of ska, punk and rock’n’roll, and their music is extremely happy and is radiating pure joy and happy spirits to the listener. Again a very strong result!

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